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Leap + My Quantified Broken Wrist

by lia on August 20, 2013, no comments

This is a post about something new that I have been working on with the Leap Motion — an application that lets me track my progress with regards to regaining my range of motion at the wrist. Let me explain. This is a picture of me and my partner, William, in Japan. I have a [...]

Slides from Creative Coding Primer at MakerHaus

by lia on August 12, 2013, no comments

I was at Seattle’s MakerHaus last Thursday to give a lecture on Creative Coding. Slides below — lots of fun examples. Next week I’m going to start a 4-week introduction to programming workshop (with Processing, of course!).Sign up, sign up!

Singing in Whale

by lia on July 27, 2013, no comments

“Sing Whale” was my Master’s Thesis, and an ongoing project. I took a break from working on it during my residency at ITP, but now seems like good time to start looking at it again (It also takes about that long to get over post-thesis exhaustion, to be honest). Sing Whale is an iPad storybook [...]

Radio – Eavesdropping on America

by lia on July 26, 2013, no comments

In early 2012, my friend Merche Blasco an I worked on a project called Radio. In the most basic sense, it is a large wooden map of America that you can use to listen to the different radio stations broadcasting across the country by navigating a little knob on the surface. As another friend put [...]

Blink Stories

by lia on January 13, 2012, no comments

Blink Stories is based on a theory that I had wanted to test for a very long time, one by renowned Film Editor Walter Murch, and is an exploration about why we blink, our stream of consciousness, and film editing. This is from Murch’s book, “In The Blink of an Eye”: “… the blink is [...]