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by lia on June 21, 2013, no comments

Some snippets from this interview of the CEOs of Toca Boca and Sago Sago (which was just bought by Toca Boca). I’ve selected some lines that I like.

Jason: Like Toca Boca, our approach is to create beautiful apps that are modelled after toys rather than games or books.

Jason: A well-designed app for this age group works well alongside flap-books, stacking cups, a good toy piano and other toddler-friendly toys. In terms of child development theory, we look to the constructivist school of thought. We focus on making experiences that are open-ended and child-led as opposed to structured and reward-based. As adults it’s easy for us to forget that young children are natural scientists. Instead of teaching kids, we’re better off providing good materials and inviting kids to teach themselves.

Björn: We still look at the way kids play — broadly speaking. We tend not to focus too much on the app space, but rather on the underlying patterns to see what could be fun with a screen too. The same goes for the design — looking around you in adjacent spaces can often be much more inspiring than to look at other kids apps.

Toca Boca
Sago Sago

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